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Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Hair: How To Use It And How To Make It Even More Powerful

Here is one thing you didn’t know until now. Apple cider vinegar can be used for a hair rinse. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most powerful tonics of this kind with several benefits to the scalp and hair. We must add that apple cider vinegar or ACV is also beneficial for weight loss, balances cholesterol levels and even assist you with fighting off bacteria. But, here we will be focused on apple cider vinegar rinse for hair. Let’s start with the benefits.

  1. Helps you balancing pH levels of the scalp

Some of you will know that our scalp and hair have a pH level of 5 (4.5-5.5). The scalp produces sebum which is a natural oil present in the scalp and the hair. Sadly, most shampoos used today will affect the pH level of the scalp. Some can decrease it while others will increase it. Once this occurs numerous issues may appear and they are almost impossible to solve.

Using ACV can help you solving the imbalanced pH levels. It is rich in acetic acid, which has similar levels of pH as the human scalp, meaning that it will help us balance the pH levels, obviously. This is also one of the main reasons why you should use apple cider vinegar for hair.

  1. Antifungal and antibacterial benefits

Apple cider vinegar has specific pH properties which will make the scalp and hair immune to fungus and bacteria. When we don’t use ACV, our scalp eventually becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungus. In return, we may develop hair loss and dandruff. By making the environment unsuitable for bacteria and fungus, we literally prevent hair loss and dandruff caused by the just mentioned issues.

In order to get this benefit, all you have to do is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar once a week.

  1. Cleanses our hair

Most of you use shampoos, gels and etc. that make your hair look like you want. But, these products also build up eventually on the hairs. They cause the hair to look dull and damaged. ACV can help you correct the issue within days.

According to professionals, you will have to leave apple cider vinegar on your hair for 3 minutes. This is the amount of time needed for it to dissolve the molecules of hair products which have been used.

  1. Defines the natural look of the curls

It is known that apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial for people with curly hair. When used, it will restore the ‘’bouncing’’ effect of the curls. There are products which offer the same thing, but they also add weight to each hair, meaning that it acts artificially and the bouncing effect is slower than natural. When using apple cider vinegar, the curly hair will look 100% natural and bouncy.

  1. Natural detangler

ACV hair rinse can be used as a natural detangler. It will correct the hair follicles and it will make it much easier to detangle in a shorter period of time. Believe or not, most people use apple cider vinegar before than any other product used for the same purpose.

  1. Helps you get frizz-free hair

Frizz of the hair occurs when the cuticles are lifted. This makes the hair looks dirty and untidy. For most women, this has been one of the worst issues for a long period of time and it is still a massive problem for most of them. If you want to sort it out, try using apple cider vinegar.

It corrects of flattens the cuticles of the hair and make it look smooth, natural and shiny. It actually works and the effects can be visible after just one use.

  1. Your hair will shine more than ever before

This is basically the similar advantage as the one we saw earlier. Apple cider vinegar can smooth out the cuticles which will allow the hair to reflect light better. What this means is that the hair will be shiny.

  1. Decreases porosity

Do you know what porosity is? Our hair must absorb moisture and chemicals and store them inside. When we have normal porosity this is done precisely on a way or in the amount the hair needs. When we have high porosity, the hair will absorb moisture quickly, but lose it within minutes or hours. When we have a low porosity of the hair, it will be difficult to absorb the moisture but it will keep it inside for a long period of time.

Porosity is affected by the treatments that damage the hair. Sadly, genetics also have a massive effect so porosity can’t be changed. The only thing you can do is to use apple cider vinegar. It will decrease the damages of the hair meaning that it will decrease porosity. As such, your hair will be stronger and look better.

If you want to know which type of porosity you have, take a single hair and put it in a glass filled with water. If it sinks, you have high porosity. If it is in the middle, you have normal porosity. If it stays at the top, you have low porosity.

  1. Enhances hair growth

Apple cider vinegar rinse is beneficial for the blood circulation of the scalp. When it is promoted you will get more nutrients to the base of the hair and the scalp. This makes the new hair stronger than ever and promotes the growth of new hairs. At the same time, we can see that ACV decreases the risk of hair loss. If it is common in your family, start using apple cider vinegar as soon as possible.

  1. Eliminate split ends

When we take into account all of the mentioned above, we can see that apple cider vinegar will eliminate the risk of split ends. After all, your hair will be stronger, it will grow faster and it will be more resistant. Combined, it makes split ends impossible. Any possible apple cider vinegar hair treatment will help you get this benefit.

How you can choose the best apple cider vinegar for your hair?

It isn’t a secret that there are countless apple cider vinegar options on the market. Most of them are crystal clear while others are cloudy. So, which one do you choose? Most people will say clear products, but this is a mistake. They are usually modified or have been pasteurized.

The answer you have been looking, is to look for apple cider vinegar products that are labeled as organic and raw. Also look for products that are labeled as unfiltered. They may be cloudy and they will have sediment at the bottom, but precisely this makes them so powerful and so effective.

Using apple cider vinegar for your hair properly

You must know how to use ACV properly in order to get all of the benefits mentioned above. The first thing you will have to do (we assume you already chose a perfect ACV) is to mix it with a cup of water. Add between 2 and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix it and apply it to the scalp during a shower, after you washed your hair with a shampoo.

Always massage the scalp for a few minutes and allow for the ACV to reach the entire hair. Once you are done, rinse off with warm water and you are done. Vinegar rinse for hair may be the secret action you have been looking for the entire life. Repeat the step a few times per week and you will get all the benefits we explained earlier.

People with dry, damaged hair will need to use 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to get the benefits. If you have average hair with normal porosity, start with 2 tablespoons.

Don’t think that the odor will stay present after you are done with the rinsing. The odor will disappear when the hair is dry so there is no need to worry about it. There are no side effects either, so be free to use this process as frequently as you like. Even if you start with 4 tablespoons you won’t damage the scalp or the hair.

You can add herbs to the mixture as well

Although apple cider vinegar is a great and powerful tonic, you can add herbs in order to make it even more beneficial. Herbs are beneficial for the colored hair and it will promote the hue and make the hair looks even more fabulous.

It all starts with mixing the apple cider vinegar with water (2-4 tablespoons per a cup), but add one cup of chopped herbs. Use a jar to mix all together and store it for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the mixture is ready and it can be used for 6 months if stored in a dark and cold place. Here are a few herbs you will want to use:

  • Rosemary- Improves the color of dark hair
  • Sage- Covers the grey hair
  • Chamomile- Enhances blond and bright hair
  • Rosehips- Makes red hair look better and more natural

Apple cider vinegar on hair will be even more effective if you add herbs, but it isn’t mandatory. The tonic itself is powerful and sufficient for offering advanced benefits.


It may look or sound silly, but apple cider vinegar in hair is a secret most models have been using for years. This tonic is extremely beneficial regardless are you a man or a woman, your age and your type of hair. All you are going to get all the benefits we presented you.

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