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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water On An Empty Stomach And Myths Associated With It

Lemons are one of the most popular and the most consumed citrus fruits on the planet. They have been used in teas, juices, cocktails and while cooking. Basically, this fruit is the one to have in your kitchen and in your life starting today. Now, we will be focused on the benefits of lemon water especially on those who will get when consume this mixture early in the morning, on an empty stomach.

We must add that you will still get all of the benefits if you consume water mixed with lemon juice at any part of a day. However, scientists have proven that the benefits are more pronounced when it is consumed on an empty stomach. Be free to consume it with warm or cold water according to your taste.

Lemon water: Basics and how to make it

We believe that for most of you there is no need to define and explain what lemon water actually is. If you are a beginner with this beverage, all you have to know is that mixing lemon juice with warm or cold water creates lemon water, as simple as that.

Although this mixture is sufficient for providing all the benefits we will explain below, additional ingredients can be used. Some of you will like adding mint leaves, cucumbers and etc.

The amount of lemon juice depends solely on your individual preference. On the other side, we can see that adding more of the juice is slightly more beneficial. Other ingredients, regardless of which one you use don’t have a negative impact on the beverage.

Benefits of lemon water on your body

Below are the most important and the most desirable benefits you will get when consuming lemon water early in the morning, on an empty stomach.

  • Keeps the immune system healthy and effective

Due to the fact, lemon water is rich in vitamin C, it will help you maintain the strength and the health of the immune system. You already know that the immune system protects you from all the threats such as viruses, bacteria, auto-immune diseases and etc. Lemon water simply prevents any deficiencies related to this system.

Another benefit you will get thanks to vitamin C is lower blood pressure. This is further linked to lower risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. People who are obese are at much higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Lemon water significantly decreases this risk and helps you lose weight.

  • Helps you maintain healthy levels of pH

In order to get this benefit, you will have to consume lemon water early in the morning, on an empty stomach. As the result, your pH level will be just right, meaning that your overall health will be improved.

  • Fights of infections

Lemon has powerful antibacterial properties. When lemon juice is mixed with water, these properties are still available. As the result, your body will be more than just effective in fighting off infections. We recommend you to consume lemon water before and during flu season when you are exposed to bacteria and germs.

  • Offers detoxifying properties

Modern medicine has scratched the surface of detoxifying properties. We already know that removing toxins from your body helps us feel better, stay healthier and so much more. Lemon water helps you with the entire process. You can expect to finally remove toxins and chemicals from your body that may cause certain issues and complications. If you live in a polluted city or you have a lifestyle that is common with toxins, drinking lemon water is almost mandatory.

  • Has a positive effect on the digestive system

One of lemon water benefits is associated with the digestive system. When consumed on an empty stomach, lemon water will shift it in the second gear. Your digestive system will be more efficient, work faster and provide more nutrients to your body and mind.

  • It is loaded with useful minerals

Lemons are loaded with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and so much more. All of them are located in the juice of the lemon, meaning that you will directly add them to your diet. Be free to look for the benefits of just mentioned minerals and you will see some of the most important reasons why you should take them daily.

  • Eases the symptoms of the common cold

When we suffer from common cold, anything that can help us is more than just needed. Lemon water is one of the beverages that are great. First of all, it will keep us hydrated. With the boost it has on the immune system, it will eliminate the symptoms and it will decrease the recovery time.

  • It’s a popular remedy for acne and other skin conditions

If you suffer from acne, rashes, wrinkles or any other skin conditions, lemon water can help you. Most individuals use this beverage specifically due to its positive effects on skin health. The first result will be visible after a week or so, depending on your condition and your body. We obviously refer to consuming the lemon water, but there is nothing wrong if you use it to clean the skin.

  • Help you lose weight

How many ways have you tried to finally lose weight? Some of them don’t work, others are complicated and third are annoying to use. Well, lemon water can be the simplest way to lose weight. It works in two ways that are both essential for obese individuals. First one is the boost of the digestion system. We already have mentioned this benefit. But, the second benefit is related to metabolism. It will speed up as well, meaning you will burn more calories. Les calories equal less weight.

  • Cleanses liver

The liver is responsible for keeping and eliminating the toxins from the blood. Obviously, this means that it itself is affected by the toxins. When we consume lemon water, we will promote natural mechanisms inside a liver that will flush of the toxins. Once again, if your lifestyle is loaded with toxins, your liver is as well. Drinking the beverage in question is essential.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Most fruits and beverages based on them have anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon water isn’t different. However, we know that it is especially effective in making sure your respiratory tract is in perfect condition, sore throat symptoms are eliminated and it even eliminates the inflammation of tonsils. Don’t forget that lemon juice has the same properties.

  • Keeps you hydrated

Yes, lemon water is essential when it comes to keeping your body hydrated. There are several ways how it reacts, but the main one is related to electrolytes. This beverage will add electrolytes to your body and therefore keep you hydrated in all situations.

  • Decrease muscle and joint pain

For athletes or those who want to be, lemon water is even more important beverage simply because it decreases the pain that originates in muscles and joints. We must add that elderly people also get these benefits and as such, lemon water may be the ultimate solution for this type of pain.

  • Prevents gingivitis

Believe or not, lemon water starts providing its benefits as soon as it reached your mouth. It is especially important for preventing gingivitis. Even if you suffer from a toothache, you should drink plenty of lemon water. It will ease the symptoms within minutes.

  • Improves bowel movement

Lemon water is essential for boosting the bowel movement. What this means is that your digestion will be improved, you will get more nutrients and you will eat less than ever before. For a healthy life, bowel movement is more important than you may believe. For those who want to lose weight and promote health, warm lemon water early in the morning may be the answer.

  • Eliminates bad breath

Have you ever used lemon to remove bad odor from your hands? If you are a gardener you probably know this trick. Well, lemon water can be used for the same purpose, but with one additional benefit. It will also eliminate bad odor from your mouth. Bad breath is common for smokers and we believe that consuming lemon water a few times a day can help you sort this massive problem.

  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones

Doctors recommend for all people who suffer from frequent kidney stones to increase the levels of the citric acid. Lemons are citric fruit meaning that they are rich in this acid. Lemon water shares the same advantage. ½ a cup per a day can help you eliminate kidney stones and prevent their re-appearance.

  • Boost mental health

Lemon water can also help you with your mood. When consumed frequently, water will help you feel better and be in a better mood. Water with lemon it at least 20% more effective in this case scenario than plain water. Don’t forget that you will also get all the benefits we have listed here.

  • Beneficial for a professional athlete

Consuming plenty of water is mandatory for athletes. Consuming lemon water is much better than ordinary water simply because you will speed your metabolism as well, meaning you will have more energy while exercising.

  • Relieve constipation

If you suffer from constipation, lemon water is the answer. All you need is one glass per day and you will notice a significant improvement within hours.

Myths associated with lemon water

While doing research we discovered that there are a lot of myths associated with lemon water. Some of them look so powerful that you may want to stop consuming this beverage. Well, today we will reveal all the myths.

  • You will lose more weight thanks to fiber known as pectin

No. You will lose weight thanks to the faster metabolism and better digestion. It is true that lemon contains fiber known as pectin, but a whole lemon has only 2 grams of it, which isn’t sufficient for actual weight loss.

  • Lemon water fight cancer

This myth is popular nowadays and it is the common due to the fact lemon water helps you alkalize the body. It was believed that cancer cells cannot survive in this environment, therefore lemon water should fight cancer. Actually, cancer cells can survive in an alkalized environment so this is a myth. Lemon water can only decrease the risk of cancer due to the many different properties we have mentioned above.

  • It will increase your IQ

The myth we can see here is one of the oldest. Sadly, it is only a myth. Lemon water can help you be more focused on your activities, but it is unable to raise your IQ. Sadly, there are no effective ways you can use to significantly increase your intelligence.

  • Lemon water will damage your teeth

The myth in question originated as a belief that citric acid can damage the enamel of the teeth. This is theoretically true. If you expose enamel to citric acid for a long period of time, it will damage enamel. First of all, you won’t be able to expose the teeth to citric acid for a long period of time, unless you keep the lemon water in your mouth for hours. Second, you will need to consume 5 gallons of lemon water every single day to be at a risk of damaging enamel. Even then, enamel repairs itself daily.

Hot or cold lemon water?

There have been plenty of speculations online and in the healthcare provider areas about should people consume hot or cold lemon water. Drinking lemon water which is cold was the answer for some people while others prefer hot water. The most common problem was a belief that if you consume lemon water of ‘’wrong’’ temperature you won’t get any benefits.

There were several researchers conducted in the United States and Canada that proven people get all of the benefits we have mentioned above regardless of the fact are you mixing lemon juice with hot or cold water. As such, be free to make lemon water hot, warm or cold, as you like. The best thing is that you will get all of the benefits and not a single drawback.

If you like both options, then consume both. Make one glass of hot lemon water and drink it in the morning. Make another with cold water and consume it after lunch. Be free to experiment as well and add new ingredients. When you use fruit and vegetables, all you can get are benefits. There won’t be a single drawback present.

Choosing the best lemons for the job

A real question is how to choose the best and the most beneficial lemons that will help you get all the benefits seen above. Most likely you will purchase lemons at your own grocery store. Make sure to know the difference when they are the best for the job.

Unripe lemons are green and very hard. You should avoid them for a few days more. Ripe lemons are the best. They are firm and they have bright yellow skin. They are also the best when it comes to nutrients and minerals inside. Overripe lemons are brownish in color or they may have brown spots. Avoid them as well.

Always hold a lemon in your hand in order to determine its weight. The best ones should be heavy and with thin skin. They produce more juice and the quality of the juice is so much better. Those with thick skin and lightweight are not ideal but they can be used as well.


Is lemon water good for you? We gave you the ultimate answer. We presented you with the benefits, revealed the most common myths and also helped you by giving you the insights in which lemons to use. Now you are ready to start getting all the health benefits this simple beverage has prepared for you and you should notice them after the first glass.

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