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How To Tell A Difference Between Real And Fake Honey Using Simple Tests

We all love honey, real honey. But, how many of you know that there is fake honey available on the market? Probably not all of you. Nevertheless, the fake honey is real and it should be avoided simply because it isn’t as beneficial as real honey. We will teach you how to tell if honey is real using simple tests that can be performed at home.

Real versus fake honey

There is no need to tell you that real honey comes from bees and it is an all-natural product. There are no artificial chemicals of any kind and it is the healthiest product of this kind you can use. You already know that real honey will give you countless health benefits. The most important thing to remember is that real honey is natural and organic. It is made in the same way as it was thousands of years ago. Sadly, some manufacturers are able to produce fake honey.

Fake honey or artificial, altered honey if you prefer is honey which was modified. It will contain artificial chemicals, sweeteners, corn syrup, flour, glucose or something similar. Just one of these chemicals will alter its composition and make it almost completely different than real honey. You will have to know how to tell if honey is pure in order to tell the difference. At first sight, both types of honey look the same and chances are high that you just bought an artificial or fake honey!

Fake honey exists due to a simple reason. Real honey is made by bees, solely meaning that its amount depends on the hive strength, the number of bees and the environment. All of this suggests that in some cases, bees are unable to make a massive honey amount. That’s why manufacturers add the aforementioned chemicals in order to increase the amount of honey they have for sale. This type of honey should be avoided because it contains non-natural chemicals or has ingredients in unbalanced levels.

How to test pure honey

There are several tests you can use to tell the difference between fake and real honey. We recommend you to use all or more than just one in order to get the most accurate results. Yes, these are simple tests that can be performed at home or anywhere you want. All you need are a few basic things and minute of your time.

  • Testing the crystallization

One of the oldest and the most common tests is to check for the crystallization. Real honey is loaded with enzymes including glucose oxidase. It will eliminate the water from honey. This means that honey will crystallize and become thicker when stored. Fake honey won’t and it will stay the same regardless of how long it was stored. The honey test we just explained is the simplest of them all.

  • Testing it with water

Take a cup of water and add honey. Does honey dissolve in water? The real honey won’t, or it will need a long period of time to dissolve. The first thing you will see is that it will reach the bottom and stay like a big lump. Fake honey, due to its chemicals will dissolve. This has been one of the most effective tests on the planet.

  • A paper test

Add a bit of honey on a piece of paper. It will stay in the same form and it won’t wet the paper or soak through. Now, add fake honey or the second source. If it wets the paper, it is artificial honey. You can also determine how much artificial chemicals have been added. If is passes through the paper, avoid that honey!

  • The matchstick test

Take a matchstick and push it in the jar of honey. Make sure to wet only the top end that burns. Now try to light up the matchstick. Will it burn? If it is real honey it will. If it is fake honey, it won’t. Now you know how to check the purity of honey using a simple trick that has been among us for decades.

  • Using a microwave

Here how to test real honey using the microwave. Add a few drops of honey to the microwave safe bowl and place it in a microwave. Heat it for 40 seconds and check the result. If honey is real, it will caramelize. If it is fake, it will become bubbly and look like foam.


Nowadays it is essential to know how to detect fake honey and go back home carrying real, natural and organic honey made by bees. The only positive side here is the simplicity of the tests. All of you can perform them and the differences are easy to notice. By consuming real honey only, you get countless benefits and you will be safe from artificial chemicals.

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