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Navage Review

As the name indicates, the Navage Nose Cleaner is promoted as the tool that wipes sinuses in your nose to make it clean. The device does it in a more meticulous manner as well as in an easier way than a traditional neti pot. This seems to appeal all those who are suffering from snoring or sinuses issues.

It is a fact that several users do not feel comfortable or end up moving it in a wrong way when it comes to using a neti pot. Even those who manage to do it right soon feel weary of the involved procedure comprising of steps such as warming and cooling the water and preparing the solution.

The Navage Nose Cleaner seems to be a solution for both these types of people. It might look a bit frightening, especially to those who have never use the traditional remedies of pots.

Still, it may be worth considering this tool for nasal cleaning. Regardless of how many times you will need this cleaner in a day, let’s find out whether it is really worthy to rely on it or not.

Overview of the Navage Nose Cleaner Review

At first glance, the tool seems to be akin to a small humidifier featuring two prongs penetrable inside the nostrils and a tidy, transparent front. The package comes with a cleaner and 60 saline capsules having an effective mix of saline water or sea water. The tool gets its power from two AA batteries and weighs under 3 pounds. Following are the salient components of this nasal care system:

  • Salt Pod Capsules: Are manufactured and made in the U.S.
  • Body: Runs with the capsules. No matter how many times you use, the experience is refreshing every time. The patented system eliminates the need to gauge the required amount of saline. The already measured capsules also eliminate the probability of mess after use.
  • Caddy: Has a countertop design and proves to be a convenient way to organize all these components such that they are ready for usage. The cleaner body and pods are affixed to a removable tray with sufficient space for 12 additional pods.


Once you set it up by inserting the batteries and fitting the salt body, the tool is ready for use.

The entire system is known for its quick relieving action. Using the tool at least twice a day across 15 days can relieve you from nasal congestion by cleaning the nose completely, as per the manufacturer.


Motivation to Use this Nose Cleaner

Designed robustly to move out all blockages and sinus problems, the tool promises to be an ideal way to get rid of any waste accumulated on your sinuses. It is a fact that such remedies have been available since several decades in several forms.

So, what makes Navage’s tool different? Well, this tool differs in terms of mechanism, which is user-friendly. It is an automatic tool that is least intrusive and minimal risk of going wrong or ending up with water in the throat or in the ear canal.

Many customers along with the manufacturers have recommended this tool for relieving cold/flu symptoms in just a few minutes. Okay, this may sound like a sales advertisement. However, it is difficult to ignore or disbelieve this ad, as the tool is reviewed by many as an effective device.

After all, it employs a simple mechanism that seems to be working. It automates a process that people have been trying manually since many years for relieving nasal congestion. All credit simply goes its robust build.

Working of the Cleaner from Navage

For using it, just line up the sprouts to your nostrils and switch it on. That’s it! The rest is taken care by the tool. It then passes warm salted water to a nostril, reaches to sinuses, and then flushes that water from the other nostril. While poured water is calming, its saline level forces all impurities to move out of your sinuses.

Just pull – this is the primary underlying working mechanism of this tool that aims to make one breathe better than before. Rather than pushing water inside from one of the nostrils just as most other nasal cleaners, this one works by implementing a mild suction system.

This device is the only one of its kind to have such a system. It is tested in clinical labs to give relief from congestion triggered by a medical disorder such as hay fever, common cold, and sinusitis.

This system flushes out all mucous waste, ranging right from minute particles to dust and other pollutants. The result is better breathing without medications, mess, and fuss. Further, with the proprietary salt pod capsules giving a nicely balanced saline cleansing, a refreshing experience is likely to follow without any hassles or pre-measuring issues. This is likely to bring down the snoring issues too.

So, Should I Use Navage to clean my nose?

With so many facts now known, it is perhaps not a wrong decision to try it. As a booster, it is truly interesting to know that this tool is the brainchild of someone who an erstwhile allergic to different items. This tool came into being once this person realized that using something that triggers a bit of suction on one of the nostrils can result in the least-sickening mucous removal.

So, the cleaner is a must try for those who are usually a victim of those irritants or allergens in home or outside. Thus, it is also likely going to be beneficial to any nose disorders. However, you need to know that this device works only with the proprietary pods.


  • Comfier than neti pot
  • No mess
  • Quick desired effect via entire nasal passage cleaning
  • Effective remedy for sinus and snoring
  • Better breathing after use
  • 30-day money back
  • 1-year warranty


  • Initial discomfort
  • Costly
  • Salt pots sold separately
  • Not dishwasher friendly



According to me, the Navage Nose Cleaner is worthy of your money if you are allergic or a patient of cold/flu. I am happy to buy it and I certainly recommend it for all those who have been trying different ways to get rid of nasal congestion but are unable to be successful.

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