Last updated on February 27th, 2019,

Weed Under Microscope: How It Really Looks

Weed is one of many wonders of nature and it has been used for multiple purposes for centuries. With the help of the latest technology, we are these days able to look at weed better than ever before. Here how weed under a microscope looks like.

Close and an even closer look at weed

At the first or better said the lowest magnification we can see weed and its red and orange hairs. They are used for reproductive purposes and they don’t affect the potency of weed. These hairs are also known as pistils.

If we zoom a bit more, we will see trichomes. They are white and clear glands that are located on the epidermis of the leaves and buds. They have two main roles. The first one is the most important of them all. They produce THC or psychoactive cannabinoid. Secondly, they make weed sticky when we touch it. Zooming a bit more and we can see the detailed trichomes. In the lack of a better word, they look like mushrooms from space. They are long with circular elements at the top.

Zooming at leaves and buds

Both leaves and buds are covered with trichomes. But, they don’t look the same. As a matter of fact, they come in different colors, different sizes, and shapes. Better said, each element is one of a kind. Marijuana under microscope truly looks remarkable and fantastic.

Below the bud, a part from which flowers will sprout trichomes are present in higher amounts.


Cannabis under microscope is something we all need to see. It reveals the details about the plant we never knew existed. It is something special, something different and fabulous. The closer we zoom, more impressive it gets, so make sure to look as close as possible.

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