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Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Cooking With Garlic

Cooking with garlic is something all of us are considering and most of us do all the time. But, this also means that most of us were beginners at some point and made mistakes. By now some of you should know what you can do with garlic in a kitchen and what to avoid. For others, we have prepared a list of things you can do with garlic and the mistakes most people make so you can avoid them.


  1. Always use fresh garlic

Using fresh garlic is one of the things you simply must use. When you use old garlic, the food won’t taste good and you will get a poor aroma. When we use fresh garlic, the situation is completely opposite. Cooking is so much better and the end result is simply professional.

Keep in mind that we refer to garlic powder as well. You should purchase and use fresh garlic powder, but there is one even better alternative. Purchase a dehydrator and make a batch all by yourself. After all, pieces of garlic cooked and powder are present in most meals and dishes you may like.

  1. Always use the amount as specified

If in a recipe states that you should use 10g of garlic, you must use 10 grams. There is no point in adding more. Your food won’t taste better and all you are going to get is too rich aroma. As you would expect, this is something you must follow to the point. When experimenting, always start with smaller amount and gradually increase it.

We should add that when garlic is squeezed with a garlic press, you get a much richer flavor, stronger if you like. When you use a knife to press it, the aroma is decreased.

  1. Use it at the right moment

Do you want to know how to cook with garlic like a professional? Well, first you will have to learn when you should use it precisely. What this means is that burned garlic is a common mistake and it can ruin the entire meal.

It is better to start with lower temperature and bigger pieces of garlic. By doing this, you will decrease the risk of an error. Once you have perfected your garlic-cooking skills, you can increase the temperature and start cooking with smaller pieces.

  1. Always roast garlic slowly

How to cook garlic and get the best result? All you have to do is to cook it slowly. Set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, add olive oil and start cooking. Garlic is ready once you can easily cut to the middle of each piece.


  1. Use pre-minced garlic

Pre-minced garlic in the jars you can see is something all of you should avoid. If you want to know what does garlic taste like real garlic, try fresh clove and you will see. The one in a jar doesn’t have the right aroma nor the texture.

If you recall, we have mentioned that using fresh garlic is the most important thing to do and a tip all professional chefs know. Sadly, many people still use pre-minced garlic and they end up disappointed with their cooking. The mistake is in the ingredient, not your cooking.

  1. Peel is poorly

How to use fresh garlic? Regardless of how many tutorials you find, all of them will have the same beginning. You should peel cloves of garlic perfectly, so there is no peel left on them. Peel has a negative flavor and it will translate its properties on the dish itself. When you peel it as you should, there is no reason to worry about.

If peeling is annoying or complicated, you should try one trick. Put a few cloves in a jar and close the lid. Share it for a few minutes and you will end up with cloves that are perfectly peeled and ready to be used.

  1. Use microplane

One thing all of you should know is that the more molecules we break inside garlic, the stronger the taste will be. Now, using a knife or a press is an effective and recommended way. Using microplane isn’t. You will end up with a flavor which is exactly the same as if you use burned garlic. This makes the entire dish almost impossible to eat and you will probably have to start from the beginning, again.

Using pieces of different sizes is a mistake as well. Basically, you will cook smaller pieces quicker than the bigger ones, which means that you will partially use raw garlic. Even the best chefs in the world can’t get a desirable outcome when they cook garlic pieces of different sizes.

  1. Purchase old garlic

A garlic head should be hard and this must translate to the rest of garlic. If or better said when the garlic is soft and looks dark, it means you are looking at old garlic. Yes, it can be used, but it will be impossible to get the desired outcome. This type of garlic is commonly available in the grocery shops all over the world at a discount, as old garlic.

You must look for fresh garlic, as we have mentioned so many times. This is done due to the importance of the claim, not to repeat yourself. An even better option is to go to the local market and purchase fresh garlic directly from a farmer. The end result will be a perfect meal.

The final word

If or when you use all of the points from do section and avoid all from the don’ts, you will become a real garlic cook. What this means is that you will get all the health benefits of using this ingredient and you will be able to make dishes that are extremely delicious. Luckily for you, all the steps we have mentioned are simple and easy to follow. We can even add obvious to some of you, so you will definitely remember them.

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