Posted on March 1st, 2019

5 Best BCAA for Men

If you are a fitness enthusiast, the chances are you already know about the importance of amino acids in muscle building and recovery. But did you know that a mix of so-called branched-chain amino acids can be particularly beneficial for those looking to build muscle strength more efficiently? We selected the best BCAA for men in this article, so feel free to take a look at our list of top supplements below.

What BCAA Are best for men?

About a third of the total protein amount in your muscles consists of valine, isoleucine, and leucine. These three are the branched-chain amino acids that can boost muscle growth and speed up recovery after the exercise. In short, they are the perfect way of making the most out of your fitness program. Here is the list of the best BCAA for men according to our experts.

1.     BCAA Powder by BulkSupplements

An extremely popular option among fitness addicts worldwide. The manufacturer decided to stick to the proven 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The formula has been tested for purity in a specialized lab. The product can help to keep your current muscle mass and promote growth while securing a quick recovery.

2.     MAN Sports Iso-Amino BCAA Powder

The product comes from a reputable brand known for making all sorts of products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The product contains a generous amount of BCAAs per serving, which comes out to five grams in total. It has a strawberry and kiwi taste and combines with water easily.

3.     BCAA + 1500mg Glutamine by Dr. Emil Nutrition

If you prefer your branched-chain amino acids combined with other useful components that make an even more powerful formula, you should consider this supplement. Apart from the mixture of leucine, valine, and isoleucine, you will also get a generous amount of glutamine. The science showed that glutamine could further boost recovery and muscle growth which makes this supplement worth to be in our best BCAA list.

4.     BCAA Natural Lemonade by Nutrology

Here is something for all those fans of natural products out there. This mixture contains amino acids sourced from plants and doesn’t contain any GMO. The ratio of the amino acids is widely accepted 2:1:1 and you get five grams per serving. You can pour the powder in your water or favorite sports drink. The product also has low contents of heavy metals, which is another point in favor of a healthy supplement.

5.     Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA

The last in the line of products we are presenting offer an all-around formula with multiple potential benefits for athletes. You will get a generous amount of five grams of BCAAs per serving, but the formula is supported with a mixture of minerals and vitamins which secure electrolytes to promote your performance. The product also includes Rhodiola extract for added endurance and bakers’ yeast for improved immunity which makes it a great choice as a Women’s BCAA too.


The supplement market has made a step in the right direction in the last several years. That is the reason why we can now choose from so many great products. We are sure you will find many excellent choices among our best BCAA for men, so go ahead and pick your favorite to start getting the maximum out of every training!

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