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Scientifically Proved Benefits Of Sleeping Naked You Can Get Tonight

What you think, how many people sleep naked? 50% or more? Actually, only 12% of people in the United States sleep naked and the situation is similar across the world. Some of you may believe that sleeping naked isn’t healthy, it is rude or problematic. But, all of these are just myths. Sleeping naked is actually more beneficial than most of you believe. Today, you will be able to see sleeping naked benefits that have been proven by scientists and healthcare providers from all over the world.

  1. sleeping naked improves the quality of sleep

In the United States, around 23% of the population has poor quality sleep. Additional 12% have average quality with minor issues. According to a study conducted in Australia, sleeping naked can improve the overall quality of sleep. Be free to try it sometimes and you will notice a massive improvement.

When we prepare ourself for sleep, our body decreases the core temperature. Wearing pajamas when going to bed can postpone and slow down this process, which affects the quality of sleep. Sleeping naked eliminates this issue.

  1. Your stress will be decreased

Yes, it is true. Sleeping naked actually decreases stress significantly. The situation is much better if you sleep with your partner and here’s why. It is all explained by the oxytocin a love hormone as some of you may know. This hormone decreases stress by suppressing the stress hormone (cortisol) and decreasing blood pressure.

Oxytocin is usually released to blood during sexual activities. When we sleep naked next to our partner, skin to skin interaction will promote or increase the levels of this hormone. As such, you will decrease stress levels. Even if you sleep alone, you can get this benefit, but it will be minor compared to those who sleep net to their loved ones.

  1. Aging is slowed down

This benefit is surprising and related to the core temperature and melatonin hormone. The sleep hormone is essential for proper sleep, but it also eliminates specific free radicals that promote aging. When we sleep naked, our core temperature will be easily decreased as you already know. But, sleeping naked also promotes levels of melatonin, which directly slows down the aging process.

It has to be one of the most impressive and the most appealing benefits of sleeping naked you can possibly get starting tonight. The best part, all of you regardless of gender and age can get it.

  1. You will lose weight

For all of you who are on a diet or on a quest for losing weight, sleeping naked is a great addition. According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), when we sleep naked, our body will have to speed up the metabolism to maintain the body temperature. It does this by burning more calories. More calories equal less weight and also decrease the risk of diabetes.

Researchers at the aforementioned institute conducted a study which followed people for 4 months. All of them were male and they ate the same food. The study proved that those who slept naked, decreased the fat deposits within the body.

  1. Private parts will be healthier as well

One interesting benefit most of you don’t know that will get when sleep naked is that your private parts will be healthier. This refers, especially to women. The vagina is moist and warm, perfect for breeding bacteria. Pajamas can make the environment even better for bacteria. When you sleep naked, you increase airflow and eliminate the risk of bacteria growth.

The situation is similar with men. Sleeping naked decreases the temperature of your testicles. They are located outside a body precisely for this reason.

  1. Some of you will be more active

Some adults when they come home from work, they jump into their pajamas and spend the night at home. They won’t go out even if they have an opportunity. When we sleep naked, we won’t wear pajamas, obviously, which means that we will wear casual clothes during our free hours. According to researchers, this is key for being more active and going outside a home after work.

It is one of the benefits to sleeping naked that is especially important for all people who need more activity in their life and who are looking for a way to become more interactive. Indirectly, all of this will have a positive effect on your weight, lifestyle and probably love.


Health benefits of sleeping naked are something you all can get starting tonight. It is easy, simple and it is natural, which makes it more important for your overall health that you can imagine. On the other side of a story, we were unable to see disadvantages or drawbacks when sleeping naked. How will you sleep tonight?

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