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Bees are some of the most important insects we have on this planet. They are beneficial for the plants and we all love the honey they make. As such, protecting them in any possible way is more than just important. However, humans do good and bad things that affect these insects. The worst thing we did to them happened in Ontario, Canada. 37 million bees found dead after planting large GMO corn field within weeks!

GMO killing bees

It is likely that the cause of the death was the GMO corn field which was planted just a few days after the incident happened. The keeper of the bees is Dave Schuit, who reported that he noticed a decline in the bee number as soon as the mentioned corn field was planted.

The main cause lies in the corn seeds which were treated with neonicotinoids. It is a form of pesticide that was banned in Europe. The same pesticide isn’t banned in the United States or Canada and the 37 million bees found dead issue didn’t change the matter. Those pesticides are still available to purchase and use. They literally affect the nectar and the flowers of the local plants, which are in direct contact with bees.

Dave Schuit revealed that the mentioned pesticide is the most likely cause of the incident and he added that it should be banned as soon as possible. Another local farmer Nathan Carey noticed that the number of his bees has been in decline for a long period of time and he also believes that the pesticides are the main cause.

This phenomenon, where bees die and decrease in the number is known as colony collapse disorder or CCD. It is common in the United States and Canada and we know that the number of honeybees has been in decline for 7 years. 37 million bees found dead Ontario is sad, the best example of the CCD and probably the biggest one ever recorded.

121 different pesticides have been found in bees and honey

The truth is even more shocking if we take a look at the additional studies and researches that followed the incident in Ontario. Researchers from the United States were able to discover 121 traces of pesticides in bees, honey, way, and pollen obtained from the hives. Millions of bees dead all over the world occur precisely due to this reason. More pesticides we use, higher chances we have to kill more bees and destroy the hives.

Bees are responsible for one-third of all the fruit and vegetable we consume. Without them, we won’t be able to enjoy fresh and healthy threats that have a positive effect on our health, body, and mind. The situation is even more disturbing if we add that bees affect the global economy as well and they are responsible for $30 billion per a year, indirectly of course.

According to the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, pesticides found in hives affect the immune system of the bees. They are seriously affected by those chemicals and they are unable to defend themselves from bacteria and diseases. As the result, we have bees dead in massive amounts. Pesticides will reach the bees through nectar and pollen and affect the entire hive within days.

Banning pesticides can be the solution

37 million bees in Canada is just one of many examples. Over the years we were able to see these incidents happening all over the world. Some of the most common countries are the United States, the United Kingdom and several members of the European Union. Luckily, the European Union banned the use of specific pesticides, including neonicotinoid after the incidents in England.

Banning the pesticides in Canada and the United States will likely have a positive effect on bees. GMO bees as some are calling bees that are affected by the aforementioned corn field are unable to live or work. This has a massive, side effect on the entire colony and destroys millions of hives.

If you know that millions of people like honey and they consume it daily, due to its properties and taste, it isn’t difficult to understand that we are affected by the pesticides as well. It will come from nectar into the honey and after that in our organism! Not only bees are affected by it. We are affected as well.

What you can do?

You saw that GMO corn field in Canada was responsible for bee genocide. All you can do is to avoid using pesticides on your crops. If you are not a farmer, then you should join thousands of others who are trying to ban the use of pesticides due to the negative effects it has on the entire nature. Together we can prevent incidents like the one in Ontario.

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