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Habits And Foods That Can Damage Kidneys: You May Be Damaging Them As We Speak

Kidneys are vital organs for our health, obviously. Despite the fact, we all know that, we may have habits or consume food that is dangerous for the kidneys. We managed to discover several habits and types of food that are simply the worst thing you can pair with the kidneys. Today you will learn what is bad for your kidneys and how to eliminate it from your life.

  1. Using painkillers above the recommended dosage

Have you ever wondered why painkillers must be used in specific dosages? Well, here is the answer. If you want to know how to damage your kidneys overusing painkillers is the best way. The just mentioned issue refers to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Always use them according to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Yes, you may postpone the pain if you take too much of them, but your kidneys will pay the price.

  1. Consuming too much salt

All diets that are loaded with salt should be avoided. They are also rich in sodium which, in higher amounts can damage kidneys. If that isn’t enough, you should know that it will also elevate the blood pressure. Instead, all you have to do is to use herbs to spice your meals. You will find more appealing and definitely a safer alternative. Believe or not, too much salt in a diet was known as the first threat for kidneys which was discovered decades ago.

  1. Processed food

Foods bad for kidneys can be presented in a long list. But, the worst food to consume is processed food. It is loaded with sodium and phosphorus. High levels of phosphorus can damage kidneys and it is even worse if you already suffer from a kidney disease. The situation is even worse if we know that processed food contains chemicals that are bad for overall health. Avoiding processed foods is the only answer to this problem.

  1. Drinking under 1.5 liters of water per day

Water is essential for kidney health. It helps them eliminate sodium and decrease the risk of kidney stones. Not consuming plenty of water will cause both issues that will damage the kidneys. Unless suffering from a condition where you must consume a specific amount of water per day, always try to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters per day.

  1. Sleeping under 8 hours per night

What damages kidneys in most people? The answer is actually the insufficient amount of sleep. We need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Kidneys are regulated according to our sleep-wake cycle. When we sleep insufficiently, we disrupt this cycle, which in return damages our kidneys.

  1. Too much meat can be dangerous as well

Animal meat is beneficial for our health due to the fact it will promote repairs within the body and it will speed up the growth of new cells. But, when we consume too much meat, we significantly increase the acid levels in the blood. Kidneys are unable to eliminate the acid from the blood, and you start to develop acidosis (condition in which kidneys can’t eliminate high acid levels from the blood). Meat isn’t one of the harmful foods for kidneys when consumed during a well-balanced diet. It also must include fruits and vegetables.

  1. Consuming too much sugar

What can damage kidneys if not diabetes and high blood pressure? People who consume too much sugar, indirectly of course are more likely to become obese. Then, they are more likely to develop diabetes and high blood pressure. These two diseases are the leading reason for kidney failure. You may be at a higher risk already and you should decrease the sugar intake as soon as possible. Switch to foods that don’t contain a lot of sugar, avoid sweets and white bread. It is important to add that diabetes and high blood pressure don’t decrease kidney function. They can cause total failure!

  1. Smoking cigarettes

Believe or not, smoking also has a negative effect on your kidneys. It is known that smokers usually have a specific protein in their urine. This is a sign of poor kidney function and one of many reasons why you should stop smoking today. In order to explain how smoking actually affects kidneys, we should look at the toxins that will be inside your body and your blood. Kidneys eliminate toxins from the blood, so they are directly linked to them.

  1. Drinking more than 4 alcoholic beverages per day

It isn’t a secret that drinking too much of alcohol can damage your kidneys. Smokers who consume more than 4 alcoholic beverages per day are more likely to develop chronic kidney disease. This disease is severe kidney failure that can cause additional health complications such as high blood pressure, weak bones, anemia and etc. After all, what harms kidneys if not alcohol and cigarettes. Just remember that all the alcohol you consume will pass through your kidneys so you can get a clear picture of how damaged they may be already.

  1. Being inactive for a long period of time

It is still unclear why sitting still for a long period of time cause kidney disease. Scientists are unable to discover the main cause, but they already know that people who sit still are at a higher risk of kidney damage. This may be the answer to what is bad for the kidneys even if you are on a proper diet and don’t drink alcohol. An interesting fact is that people who are regularly active have better kidney function and a much lower risk of kidney disease.


What affects kidneys? Sadly, it is more than just one thing. We have mentioned the worst foods and habits that are dangerous for your kidneys. You may have all of them in your lifestyle or you may have just a few. Regardless of the number, you should start decreasing them as soon as possible. The only good thing is that all the foods and habits from the list can be easily eliminated from life.

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